Unique Yggdrasil 9 Realms Wire Tree Art Sculpture


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Yggdrasil in Norse mythology is the central and sacred tree, entwined within is the 9 realms. This truly unique piece of art is our interpretation of Yggdrasil and the realms. With 9 resin balls inlaid with perfect symbolism in its colouring and gems, every single mm of this piece has been lovingly thought out. As a Norse Pagan, you can guarantee that the designer Cazi has left no room for error!

At the top lies Asgard, home of the Asir. Set in “the skies” this castle of a realm is the whites of natural Howlite, clearest quartz and gold flake. This particular realm nestles in its wire holder like the crown jewel it is.

Underneath you’ll find Midgard. Home of the humans. Abundant in green lands, sea and blue skies; Malachite, Green Aventurine, Amazonite, and Lapis Lazuli (along with a couple of chips of Howlite) make up this fascinating, and somewhat familiar realm.

Below Alfheim and to the left is Alfheim, the realm of Light Elves. Beautiful in its blueness; turquoise, blue Amazonite and natural Aquamarine pay homage to Alfheim’s stunning beauty.

To the right of Alfheim lays Vanaheim, home to the luscious green of Freyja’s fields. Here you will find the Vanir, a tribe of incredible farmers and kinder folk. An abundance of green such as Perdot, Malachite, Green Aventurine and Serpentine with only the slightest of green/gold mica is the true beauty of the Vanir.

Under Vanaheim lies Niflheim, a world of ice fog and mist. Although not much is known about Niflheim, we have honoured the Home of Mist with the clearest Quartz, smoked Quartz and natural Howlite.

Under Alfheim is Nidavellir, the land of the Dwarves. We saw no better way to honour this realm than with the red dust colouring of Jasper, in three different types, and an abundance of gold flake. A true world of ingenuity and creation.

Under Nidavellir lays Jotunheim the land of the giants. As large as mountains, we’ve entwined natural howlite with beautiful silver mica.

At the bottom lies Helheim. Although not the Christian personification of Hell, Helheim is considered the home of the deceased that did not die honourably in battle. Often considered the dark realm, we’ve opted for the finest obsidian and a silver/black mica that shrouds and alludes to the true beauty within.

To the right of Helheim is Muspelheim, the firey realm of fire giants and demons. Reds of Poppy Jasper, red Tigers Eye, Garnet, orange of Carnelian and the flaming beauty of aged gold flake.

At its roots we’ve laid an aethereal mica mist of golds ,purples, reds, blues and greens. The true illusion of the tree in space, interwoven branches that make a whole, beautiful thing. This seeps up into the bark, with the slightest hint of glow in the dark colouring for a truly supernatural feel. The base is sea slate (washed up porcelain) which we can gold leaf or apply a wooden base.

Each piece will be unique with its twists and finishes, but we truly welcome any design additions you would like to see.

The listing photos shows copper, but this will tarnish and age. We can offer aluminium coloured, that maintains its beautiful light shade, or if you want a truly special sculpture, you might wish to consider our sterling silver 925 option with genuine high quality silver and a hallmark tag of guarantee.

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Wire Metal

Copper, Coloured Aluminium, Sterling Silver


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