Pentagram Charm Green Aventurine, Prehnite, New Jade adjustable bracelet


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This bracelet is made from Faux leather (wax cotton) cord, with citrine, yellow jasper, and goldstone loose chips.

Finished with a Tibetan silver Pentagram charm.

Adjustable – uses a sliding knot with 1-inch difference between closed and fully extended. Three sizes: teenager, standard and large. Cord ends finished with bead ends to stop knot coming undone. Cord ends can be tied in a simple knot once placed to keep in a permanent position.

Spirituality in stone:

Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer. It is also said to block all sources of electromagnetic pollution. It is believed to help with nausea and negative emotions.

New Jade (Serpentine) is a beautiful green coloured crystal, which has healing properties weighted towards restoring emotional balance to your life, bringing control to your daily routine. Good for psychic development, this stone is also known to attract love and money as well as being a strong aid for meditation. New Jade is also associated with the heart chakra.

Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love but also enhances the visualization process and induces deep meditation in contact with the higher self.

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Teenager – 6.5-7.5, Standard 7.5-8.5, Large 8.5-9.5


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