Orgone Pyramid Copper and Black Obsidian Meditation Tool


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These pyramids are made by hand, with both pagan practice, meditation and convenience in mind.

Made and charged by our very own Cazi. She has been a practicing Pagan for more than half her life, and has an affinity for understanding crystals.

Orgone translates to “life force” and these pyramids emit a high frequency vibration.

The copper spirals in this are built as a pillar to amplifythe energies created by the crystals.

Spirituality in the stone: Black obsidian is said to be a powerful cleanser of psychic fog. A strong protection stone, this is said to help shield against negativity.

Based from the root and third eye chakras, black Obsidian is considered one of the most powerful stones for purging negative emotions and spiritual cleansing. Drawing from the fire energy of its volcanic creation, Obsidian is believed to highlight problems and help us rid ourselves of emotional burdens or energetic baggage that weighs us down.

These are the perfect size to sit comfortably in one hand at approx 50mm base. This also makes them easy to pack for travel.

To “recharge” the crystals, leave it in the sunlight for no more than an hour. Please note that extreme UV can cause resin to discolour and turn yellow, so do not leave all day on a hot day.

Each pyramid has a wood base from sustainable sources, and we use vegan resin.

Designs will vary slightly as each set is made by hand to order. Bespoke orders are available for those looking for their own combination, please contact us.

Wrapped in tissue paper in a cardboard box, no one will see these stones from the moment they leave Cazi until the moment you open them, so the charged energy will remain protected.

Resin can scratch. If this occurs, please contact us for our “resin spa day” on


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