Belle of the Pride ball orgone meditation pyramid


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Handmade orgone pyramid with Pride in mind. This pyramid has a rainbow quartz centre with copper spirals. The vibrations from this pyramid focus on positivity and self empowerment.

Orgone translates as “life force” and the copper in these emits a high frequency vibration, that supports meditation, reiki and more.

We support LBGTQ+. We ARE LGBTQ+.

Each pyramid has a wood base from sustainable sources, and we use vegan resin.

Designs will vary slightly as each set is made by hand to order. Bespoke orders are available for those looking for their own combination, please contact us.

Wrapped in tissue paper in a cardboard box, no one will see these stones from the moment they leave Cazi until the moment you open them, so the charge of the energy will remain protected.

Resin can discolour if left over time in the sun, please avoid too much UV for best care.

Resin can scratch. If this occurs, please contact us for our “resin spa day” on

Other orgone pyramids are available in store.


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